I want to make sure I am appreciating every moment and making a positive contribution to my mental health everyday.
I want to take my life from ordinary to fascinating and wonderful.
I want to ensure that I am tackling every living moment with positivity in every step.

Project Gratitude is a way that I can express this gratitude. Every now and then I will be sharing a post on something I am grateful for… and I’m going to continue this for as long as I can, as life changes everyday, there will always be something I can be grateful for. It is incredible to recognise moments I have come across that I appreciate, that previously I hadn’t noticed or taken for granted.

Whether it might be memorising, writing it down or social media posts, you can jump on board and make a positive difference in your life too.
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I’m Hayley Bowers, 18, and I’ve been living on the Gold Coast in Australia since birth. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy at Griffith University. I am a volunteer lifesaver at Pacific SLSC; as well as a coach, age manager and mentor to the youth I am surrounded with. I am very much focused on the inclusion of every individual and making opportunities for everyone, no matter what their circumstance.

I’ve always loved to write and I kept a journal throughout my childhood, although as life keeps me on my toes I’ve struggled to keep it up and turned to blogging instead. I’ve always been passionate about blogging for my own pleasure and a little inspiration for myself and others along the way. I’ll be sharing anything from my life and what i’ve experienced, my adventures, being a student, physical and mental health and wellness, volunteering, my boyfriend and family and my love for food.

I hope you enjoy!
H x

instagram: @hayleybowers
email: hayley.bowers@hotmail.com

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